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Welcome to Chain of Fics! This is a community for short pieces of fanfiction ("fic"). All fandoms, ratings, pairings accepted. There is only one real restriction:

Each fic must start with the last line of the previous fic. This idea is courtesy of the brilliant keraha.

...actually, there are a few more rules, and they're listed below. Check them, please, before posting here.


Everything posted to this community is fanfiction, that is, fiction written by fans for fun. As such, no one owns anything and no profit is being made. Fics here run the gamut from completely harmless to het/yuri/yaoi, and while every author is REQUIRED to give a rating, they are NOT REQUIRED to warn for gay. Please don't say you weren't warned.


1. Someone posts a fic, following the RULES FOR POSTING explained below. The chain has begun!

2. The first person to comment "claiming" this fic has the honor of posting the next one. This person must post within 48 hours of their original claim. There's some leniency here, but don't push it. 48 hours.

3. The first line of the new fic must be the same as the last line of the previous fic. Changes in proper names or pronouns are allowed; other small cosmetic changes are also allowed as long as they are small.

4. There are otherwise no restrictions. The new fic can be for any fandom and can have any plot; it does not have be a continuation of the previous fic.

5. You can still participate even if you weren't the first to "claim" a line! In this case you should include your fic as a comment to the "official" next fic. There are no time limits for comment-fics.

This means that there will only be one post per last line.

6. If for any reason the original claimant defaults or goes over time, anyone else may post the next fic in the chain. This will work on a first-come-first-served basis, although for politeness’ sake a silent claimant should be given an extra day to prove themselves. Please, don't claim a line unless you are sure you can deliver within the time limit!


1. Fics should be posted with the "line" they are using as their subject. This line can be shortened through the strategic use of ellipses, but otherwise should appear just as it does in the story.

2. All fics should be placed inside an LJ-cut. They should have a heading which includes the following:
Rating: (G/PG/PG13/R/NC-17; if it's anything more than PG, explain why)
Word Count: There is a word counter here

Other information (title, author, pairing, het/yaoi/yuri, summary, notes, etc.) is optional.

2a. Crossposting is also allowed -- see this entry.

3. Fics posted here should be between 100 and 1000 words long. Longer or shorter fics will not be penalized, but remember – this community is for short pieces of fanfiction. Use your best judgement.


The community memories list fics categorized by series and the community tags list fics categorized by series, author, rating, and pairing type. (Why yes, we are proud of our organization, thanks for asking.)

We have an affiliate! ink_twist, for the times when you've caught yourself thinking: man, there are not enough writing prompts in my life.


Hopefully - hopefully, this will be a fun community. I'm your maintainner/moderator, sub_divided. If you have any questions at all, feel free to either email me at the address given above, or to post to the first entry in this community, which is here. Good luck and happy writing!