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That guy...

Title: Black Widow
Fandom: Death Note
Spoilers: Let's Say... 40s, in general
Author: aishuu
For: chain_of_fics
Wordcount: 474

That guy…

Misa stared into the face of the one who was handcuffed to her beloved Light, willing him with all her power to just drop dead. Sometimes she wished she really was the second Kira, the way he claimed, just so it would happen.

It never did.

"Would you like Misa to get you another cup of tea, Ryuuzaki?" she asked, blinking wide eyes at him.

He scratched his head with a long finger, his eyes focused on the computer screen in front of him. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Light watching her with an indulgent smile, much the way someone watched their favorite puppy.

"I'm okay right now," Ryuuzaki replied absently.

"Let Misa know if you need anything!" she said cheerfully, threading her fingers behind her back as shifted, her breasts thrusting forward subtly. He looked up at her, and like any male, his eyes automatically fell first to her chest before rising to her face.

Maybe it was imagined, the slight flush that colored his cheeks. She doubted it.

"I'm fine."

"I could use a cup," Light said, his lips curving just a bit more than they had a second before.

"Misa will go right away!" she said, leaning across Ryuuzaki to brush a kiss on Light's cheek. Ryuuzaki froze until she pulled away.

As she shifted away, she saw the intensely private look pass between the two geniuses, the one of relief that they were at last alone. She knew she was the third wheel, especially as they worked together to piece together the riddle of the third Kira.

She didn't care. She knew what she wanted, and she knew how to get that.

It took her far less time to return with the tea then they had expected - a product, perhaps, of her having Matsuda keep a kettle warm that afternoon. Matsuda, like every other man she'd ever known, wanted to keep her happy. It just took effort to convince them, occasionally, that was their purpose in life.

Ryuuzaki was the hardest she'd ever met.... but she knew he'd fall.

I'll fall in love with you...

Yes, yes he would.

She set the tea tray next to Light, hugging him from behind. "Is it going well?"

"We're at an impasse..." Light said, scratching his brow with frustration.

She rubbed Light's shoulder's comfortingly. "Misa is sure you'll figure it out! You're the smartest person in the world!"

Ryuuzaki actually looked a bit offended at that, and the metal of the handcuffs chimed as Ryuuzaki yanked his hand.

"Misa is sure Ryuuzaki and Light are the best team possible!" she finished enthusiastically, clapping her hands. "Make sure you drink the tea Misa made with love!"

Another kiss for Light, and then she smiled innocently at Ryuuzaki before leaving.

She had brought two cups of tea.
Tags: author: aishuu, author: keraha, pairing type: gen, rated: pg-13, series: death note, source type: animanga

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