Rowe (ikeda_ren) wrote in chain_of_fics,

"She sends the coat down to the laundry twice, and it cannot get clean enough."

Series (Characters): Ryoko's Case File (Ryoko, Izumida)
Wordcount: 224
Rating: PG


She sent the coat down to the laundry twice, and it couldn't get clean enough. Not that she-- Yakushiji Ryoko, Superintendent of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police-- particularly cared; the coat's cleanliness wasn't her objective. As usual, Izumida didn't seem to perceive where she was going with this.

"I want to see the look on our client's face when she finds out her father's murderer was a brass button," she said non-chalantly when he asked. The two of them were sitting in a cafe just across the street from the laundromat. "I also want to know why I have to deal with this case."

He began, "Wasn't there supposed to be a--"

"It's a conspiracy," Ryoko continued, her gaze boring holes through the window. One of her slender hands supported her head and at her elbow was a glass of cold coffee. "Where's the excitement and drama?" Izumida smiled knowingly, his face reflected on the table's dark surface.

"It's better this way."

"Of course it isn't." Her expression remained unchanged even as she watched a stranger leave the laundromat, noting their red coat's familiarity. "Just for that comment alone I'm making you pay for the bill." She pushed her credit card in his direction, and as he stood to walk to the register, she ordered: "Take your time." Her eyes never left the window.


Comment(s): Sorry, I utterly forgot to do this yesterday. It's my first time writing these two, and the result is ... so-so, IMO.
Tags: author: ikeda_ren, rated: pg
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