Sam (artillie) wrote in chain_of_fics,

She has had enough of trying to live in the past.

Series: Bleach
Rating: PG for language
Word Count: 100, exactly (It's been years)

She has had enough of trying to live in the past. She wakes up every morning, dons that white haori, drills her shinigami into the ground, kills hollows, and goes to bed. The division doesn't complain—when it does, she kills the dissenters. There are worse ways to run a division. Kurotsuchi-taichou's, for example.

Soi Fong wakes up and notices, as she always does, that her haori still smells of Yoruichi. Fuck this, she thinks, experimentally, and the swearing in her head sounds like her. She sends the coat down to the laundry twice, and it cannot get clean enough.
Tags: author: xskadi, pairing type: gen, rated: pg, series: bleach, source type: animanga
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