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"The background noises grew louder in the anticipatory silence."

Title: Unbroken Silence.
Author: zekkass.
Series: A Bit Of Fry And Laurie. It's an obscure British comedy show. Check it out!
Rating: PG, at most.
Word Count: 231. I swear I didn't plan that.
Characters: Control, Tony Murchison, Control number two.
Note: Crossposted to my lj and fryandorlaurie.


The background noises grew louder in the anticipatory silence. Telephones rang, car horns beeped, and Control waited for the other shoe to the drop.

Tony was speaking, and wasn't it odd because Control could hear the telephone ringing and the papers and forms of a busy organization at work rustling, and he couldn't hear was Tony was saying.

Then he focused and lost the world to Tony Murchison.

" - Control, please tell me what you think," Tony was saying, and Control wanted to close his eyes and re-straighten his tie and shake Tony until the world felt right again.

"I'm very sorry, Tony." He heard himself say, and wondered: what am I doing? "But we can't keep you employed if you're going to maintain a homosexual relationship."

- with my brother, who happens to look like me and who will tell me how you are in bed whether I want to hear it or not -

Control did not say that.

"I am very sorry, Tony. I will miss you."

And his hands shuffled the papers on the desk and made a note, and when he looked up again Tony was looking as if he were going to cry.

"I'll miss you terribly, Control." Tony murmured, and left.

Somehow, Control could hear the sounds of the phones ringing and him making a note ('terminate Tony Murchison's employment immediately') and somehow -

Somehow he couldn't hear the sound of himself crying.

Tags: author: zekkass, pairing type: gen, rated: g, series: a bit of fry and laurie, source type: television
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