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"It wouldn't."

Title: Betting on the Shooting Range
Series (Characters): Legend of Galactic Heroes (Lapp, Attenborough)
Wordcount: 291
Rating: PG
Notes: Pre-main series.

"It wouldn't," said Lapp as he placed down a gun.

Attenborough casually picked it up and insisted, "It would,"

"Would not."

"Wanna bet?"

An erratic stream of zaps filled the background of their conversation. The pair were in the Free Planets Defence Force Academy's shooting range where green cadets were firing at targets. The guns they used were real only in weight; the laser beams fired were harmless.

He leveled the practise gun at someone else's target and slowly tightened the trigger. Zap! "Bullseye." They heard a dismayed cry from several stalls over even as the target disappeared into the ground. Attenborough bounced on his heels. "You see that?"

"So what the instructors said--"

"'You can only aim at the targets in your shooting booth's direct line of sight, or they won't respond to your gun',"

"--was false."

Attenborough handed the weapon back and pretended to search the cartridge box at their feet as an instructor walked by. The cartridges proclaimed themselves 're-chargeable' in bold print and caps. He, the underclassman, looked up with a grin and said, "You lost."

The grin faltered when he found himself eye-to-eye with the barrel. Then Lapp lifted and pointed it in the right direction.


Another bullseye. He blew away the imaginary smoke and gave Attenborough a wink. "The first man to hit thirty of those without missing gets a free meal." Lapp was, of course, referring to their afterschool escapades where they broke curfew and romped around the city.

Yang-- their friend in Lapp's year-- usually came with them. "Does the loser have to pay for his, too?" A nod was the reply. Nonetheless, Attenborough smirked, ready to accept the challenge. "You're on."

Lapp left to find their referee, the one who would benefit no matter the outcome.

The background noises grew louder in the anticipatory silence.
Comment(s): This went from being about a hospitalized Jessica to a bet. ... ... I was also going to add something about budget constraints, but it didn't seem appropriate.
Tags: author: ikeda_ren, pairing type: gen, rated: g, series: legend of the galactic heroes, source type: animanga
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