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It was nice to simply succumb to the inevitable, and worry about the hangover in the morning.

Title: The Young and the Brave
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Dumbledore, Grindelwald
Wordcount/Rating: 258 words / PG (only for the alcohol)
Summary: Albus and Gellert share a bottle, a cause, and a general way of doing things.
Author's Notes: A response to 31_days's prompt for September 2nd: [you illustrate the sun's true candor]. Er, not written for that challenge, or it'd be horribly late - just inspired by.

It was nice to simply succumb to the inevitable, and worry about the hangover in the morning. After all, Albus knew he wouldn't think very proudly of the evening's conversation if he were sober, and yet he also knew he'd enjoy it less if he couldn't match Gellert at the same level of drunkenness. He would never hear the end of it, taking advantage of a young fellow intellect crippled by firewhiskey. So he waited as his friend threw his head back and drank, heavily and proudly and without relent. Albus watched with awe and the vaguest twinge of disgust.

Gellert finished with a wicked grin, then passed the bottle by the neck to Albus. He took it and drank and felt a strange thrill about sharing one bottle.

"We're going to rule the world superbly, you and I," his friend said crisply, with absolutely no trace of a slur. An expert. "Over Muggles, over wizards, over everything."

"To fix everything, for the greater good," added Albus, but Gellert spoke over him, reaching again for the bottle.

"We'll be the greater good, if we aren't already," he declared, and smoothly passed back the bottle without a sip. Albus hesitated and glanced at the bottle with uncertainty, until Gellert leaned in and said with that pretty, boyish grin of his,

"The trick is to believe in you and me and move without fear."

Entranced, Albus took the bottle without breaking his gaze, and then he drank. He shut his eyes and he listened and he tried not to think.
Tags: author: rasielle, pairing type: gen, rated: pg, series: harry potter, source type: book
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