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"I can't even move my arms, you big dolt!"

Title: Short end of the Stick
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Characters: Ochi, Shindou
Wordcount/Rating:  584 words / G
Summary: It was Not Really A Good Idea, but even so it had sounded like a Really Cool One.
Author's Notes: Obata Takeshi's art can be the source of much humor and pain.

"I can't even move my arms, you big dolt!"

Ochi was not amused by the way Shindou was silently laughing at his expense. He just _knew_, when he heard of Shindou's wild plans for Akira's surprise birthday party, that this was Not Really A Good Idea, but even so it had sounded like a Really Cool One, so he'd (relunctantly) agreed, went with Isumi and the other insei to plot and shock Touya Akira, but really, this was too much. 

Hikaru grinned, his fake eye patch slipping lower off his left eye. "You said you wanted to be the awesome pharaoh." He was giggling, giggling while sloshing the lace cuffs of his pirate outfit with his drink. Ochi was certain it came from those barrels of punch their gatecrasher insisted were not spiked.

"I was thinking of gold armlets, not a mummy outfit, idiot."

Shindou, his eyes glazed over, peered down at Ochi. When he spoke, Ochi could smell the alcohol from the punch. "But dead pharaohs are always turned to mummies," he said, singsong. He finally gave up teasing Ochi, and wandered over to Isumi and Waya and the sushi platters. And the punch, Ochi observed.

Even the adults were insane, he thought, as he eyed Ogata smirking at how his gifts were well received by the (mostly) underage group of insei and high school friends. The inn they were in was owned by the pro's friend, most likely because Ashiwara asked him for this favor and this was for their 'beloved Akira-kun' (Ochi still shuddered every time he recalled Ogata's smile when he'd said that). Their motley crew of costumes from the nearby specialty store, and Touya had definitely been shocked when he saw that their go study session was really just an excuse to party.

Shock would cover the quick shift of emotions on the other go pro's face from surprise, to outright panic, to the definite "Oh shit, they can't see me lose face in this type of situation!" that Ochi saw on Touya's face, especially when Ashiwara came forth with the birthday cake topped by sparklers. No doubt it was the first birthday party Touya celebrated outside of the house, and was it not for Ashiwara's and Shindou's eager urgings to blow the candles, Touya would have walked out in mortification.

At least Ochi was not alone at being sane tonight. Touya Akira, birthday celebrant and unwitting reason for this party, had avoided taking any serving of punch, and was now vainly refusing to wear the pirate costume. Nase and Akari were very insistent though, and Ochi supposed even the wiles of two slighly inebriated pretty girls would overwhelm their teetotaler. He sighed as Akari tied the black bandanna over Touya's hair, and Nase slipped the vest over the dreadful argyle shirt. And so it was down to him, Ochi Kousuke, the last bastion of sanity and sobriety in a room full of drunk people. People, who by the looks of it, were enjoying themselves a whole lot more than he was.

Ochi undid his arm wrappings and grabbed one of the glasses from the table, earning cheers from the other insei in the room. He closed his eyes and downed the drink in one shot.

Hey now, Ochi thought five minutes later, stumbling down as the alcohol rushed into his system. This wasn't too bad. Even better, everything now made sense in his drunken state. It was nice to simply succumb to the inevitable, and worry about the hangover in the morning.
Tags: author: blue_cage, pairing type: gen, rated: g, series: hikaru no go, source type: animanga
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