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admin - call for claims, clarification of crosspost

It's been more than a month since yukitsu posted the last drabble/shortfic to this community! So, like the good moderator I should have been the last time this happened, I am posting to please ask someone to claim the line "I CAN’T EVEN MOVE MY ARMS, YOU BIG DOLT!" (Capitalization opional.) The line should be claimed here, at the community entry.

Secondly. I think there may have been some confusion about how a line should be claimed when the fic in question is crossposted -- meaning, when it's posted to some other journal or community, with the post at chain_of_fics linking to the other place. There's nothing in the community rules against crossposting, and in fact members are welcome to do it, as long as the entry at chain_of_fics otherwise follows the RULES FOR POSTING laid out in the community profile. HOWEVER, so that there will not be any confusion about claims, I am going to lay out a few rules for crossposted entries:

1. Don't use fake livejournal cuts -- make it clear in story notes or in the link text that the fic in question resides at another journal or location.

2. Don't disable comments to the community entry.

3. In order to be valid, claims must be made to the community entry, and not to the other entry.

Does this seem fair? I don't want to be overly controlling, or anything, I just worry that would-be claimants will have trouble figuring out, with all the noise a personal or fic journal can get from regular readers, whether or not a fic has been claimed yet. Claims: here, comments: there is what has tended to happen naturally, anyway; I'm just formalizing it.

If no one has any objections, I'll update the community rules with a link to this post on Sunday.

P.S. Sorry for the quintuple post. ;_; I seem to be LJ-challenged today.
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